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August Blessings

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"Just to let you know.... my manifestation came in BIG today!!

Thank you for your guidance" -LW


8/8 Blessing & Transmission

Hi My Friend!!! I've been thinking about August 8th for weeks now. 8/8 is a powerful day for so many reasons. Eight is considered to be one of the luckiest numbers in numerology. It aligns with the frequency of money, abundance, prosperity, success and infinite potential. 88 doubles this.


Every Leo season, we have what is called The Lionsgate Portal. A Portal opens a door way, a new path. This particular Portal is due to the alignment with the Sun in Leo, the Earth and the star Sirius, which many refer to as our Spiritual Sun. There are different thoughts as to how long the Portal is open, but everyone agrees that it peaks on August 8th.


This Portal can bring healing, intense shifts, and spiritual downloads. It's a particularly potent day to set intentions and do magical work.


While this Portal happens every year, this year the energy is magnified because we also have the Leo New Moon exactly on 8/8!!!! This is BIG DEAL!!!!!!! THIS MAKES ME SO HAPPY!!!!!!


I will be offering two different mystical services to support you in connecting with this energy:




Portal of Potential Blessing:


*Receive remote Reiki & Healing Energy for 3 days: 8/7, 8/8, 8/9

*I will email you the materials, which includes a card reading & photos, the evening of Friday, August 6th

*Your name on my Blessing altar, until the Aquarius Blue Full Moon on 8/22

*The exchange is $44.44. You can pay via paypal or Venmo (@JudieHurtado). Include your full name and email address.

*Reach out at with any questions. Thank You!




Infinite Possibilities Activation:


*We will gather together on Sunday, 8/8, 4- 4:45ish pm EST on zoom. Will be recorded

*I will email you more information to prepare as we get closer

*The exchange is $88.88. You can pay via paypal or Venmo (@JudieHurtado). Include your full name and email address.

*Reach out at with any questions. Thank You!

Please Note:

There are Limited Spaces For All My Blessings to ensure that each person receives exactly what they need. Register asap in order to reserve your spot. Thank you for understanding!

Email me at with any questions. 

"Judie is a natural healer, yes. But better yet, she has dedicated years of her life to training and becoming more and more attuned to this healing power within her. It is such a blessing to be her client. I had no idea what to expect at my first session, but had no nerves going into it. It just felt right; I was meant to be seen by her and Just knew I was in good spiritual hands! I've seen her twice now and feel as though my life has taken on new meaning thanks to her connections! I've recommended quite a few people to her and have complete faith that their reiki experience with Judie will open their hearts (and their 7 chakras!) to their spiritual healing journey." CP