Taurus Blue Full Moon Blessing:

Infinite Possibilities

We have a Taurus Full Moon on Halloween, October 31st. A Full Moon on Halloween only happens every 19 years! On top of that, this Full Moon is considered a Blue Moon because it's the second Full Moon in the same month. You know the saying, "once in a blue moon......" Having two Full Moons in the same month is unusual.... but this is 2020 so......


I feel that we are being given a rare opportunity to align with the impossible. The phrase Infinite Possibilities has shown up for me over and over as I tuned into the energy of this Blue Moon. It felt like the perfect intention for this Blessing.

Taurus Blue Full Moon Infinite Possibilities Blessings:


* Reiki & Energy Healing on 10/30, 10/31, 11/1 (Another Powerful Day Due to the energy of 111)

* An email with optional instructions. You don't have to do anything at all.

* A card reading

*  An altar that will be kept activated until the Sagittarius Super New Moon on 11/15

* The exchange is $44.44. You can register via paypal: or through venmo (JudieHurtado). Please include your name and email address. Register by 5pm EST 10/29. Thank you!


Please note that there are limited spaces available for this Blessing.



All About Ganesha!

Hi My Friend! As many of you know, I have a strong relationship with Ganesha. Ganesha/Ganesh/Ganapati is known as the remover of obstacles and new beginnings. He is the most beloved Hindu deity. His energy is open and available to anyone who calls to him. I have been chanting to Ganesha for over a decade. A few years ago, during meditation, I heard Ganesha say "You must teach this!" (I thought I was going crazy). However, I listened to that guidance and have been teaching about Ganesha ever since.


After my recent Abre Camino New Moon Blessing, where I aligned with Ganesha to help us clear obstacles and create a smooth, open path, I was lead to offer a special 30 minute Ganesha session. You will receive a Reiki Blessing, a Ganesha mantra, and learn how to meditate with a mala, plus whatever Spirit and Ganesha want to share with you. I will also pull a card for you with my Whispers of Lord Ganesha Oracle Deck. 

This session will occur over Zoom or Facetime. You do not need to have a mala at the time of the session but it would be handy. 

The exchange is $111.11. I accept Paypal and Venmo. The Paypal link is herePlease include your name and email address.

Please email me at with any questions. Thank You!

Jai Ganesha!!

As always, I am available for an individual session if you would like to delve deeper. Email me at with any questions!

Love and Blessings!!!!

"Judie is a natural healer, yes. But better yet, she has dedicated years of her life to training and becoming more and more attuned to this healing power within her. It is such a blessing to be her client. I had no idea what to expect at my first session, but had no nerves going into it. It just felt right; I was meant to be seen by her and Just knew I was in good spiritual hands! I've seen her twice now and feel as though my life has taken on new meaning thanks to her connections! I've recommended quite a few people to her and have complete faith that their reiki experience with Judie will open their hearts (and their 7 chakras!) to their spiritual healing journey." CP


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