Capricorn Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Blessing

Goodbye...... Hello!


Hi Friends! On July 4th/5th, we will have the last of 3 eclipses. This will signify not only the end this eclipse cycle but also the completion of a 2 year Cancer/Capricorn eclipse cycle. 

As I tuned into the energy of this eclipse, I felt endings and completions. I heard "Goodbye" which, at first, made me feel a little sad. Then I heard "Hello!" I realized that with every ending, there is also a beginning. As we say goodbye to what no longer serves us, we give ourselves space to say Hello, to welcome in a fresh start and a new beginning!


As always, you can set any intention that you desire, even if it has nothing to do with my intention.

Please note that this will the only Blessing for July. My next Blessing will be for the Aquarius Full Moon on August 3rd. 




Join my Goodbye...... Hello Full Moon Eclipse Blessings:


*  3 days of Reiki & Energy Healing: 7/4, 7/5, 7/6

*Your Own Blessing Angel

* An email with optional instructions on how to prepare and receive the Blessing.

*  A card reading

*  An altar that will be kept activated until the Aquarius Full Moon Eclipse  on 8/3

* The exchange is $44.44. ALL SPACES ARE FULL (I also accept venmo). Please write your name, email address and Goodbye in the Notes section on paypal. Please register by 5pm EST 7/3. Thank you!


As always, I am available for an individual session if you would like to delve deeper. Email me at with any questions! I have a very limited schedule for individual sessions/packages this summer. Please reach out asap if you would like to schedule a session. 

Love and Blessings!!!!

"Judie is a natural healer, yes. But better yet, she has dedicated years of her life to training and becoming more and more attuned to this healing power within her. It is such a blessing to be her client. I had no idea what to expect at my first session, but had no nerves going into it. It just felt right; I was meant to be seen by her and Just knew I was in good spiritual hands! I've seen her twice now and feel as though my life has taken on new meaning thanks to her connections! I've recommended quite a few people to her and have complete faith that their reiki experience with Judie will open their hearts (and their 7 chakras!) to their spiritual healing journey." CP


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