Intuitive Guidance

Sometimes we need support as we go through our life. This is where I come in. (Schedule a Discovery call if you would like to talk with me to get a better understanding of how we can work together).

I was born an Intuitive. I've been able to see, hear, feel and know things ever since I was a little girl. I now channel these gifts to you.


I have studied various healing modalities and received many Certifications including: Usui Reiki Master, Ordained Minister,  Crystal Healer, Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher, Angel Card Reader and Intuitive Counselor, to name a few! One of my most favorite spiritual tools to use connects you with your subconscious mind, aka PSYCH-K. Neuroscience says that our subconscious mind rules 95% of our actions and behaviors. When you're able to reprogram your subconscious mind, you are empowered to surpass limiting beliefs and blocks. 


An Intuitive Guidance session can help you with all aspects of your life, including work, career, relationships, health, money, abundance, personal power, or spirituality.

My intention is to empower you so you are clear and confident to create a life that you love. ​

"Thank you so much Judie. This Healing session was the most powerful I have done with you.  I thank you greatly."


What happens in a session? Every Intuitive Guidance session is unique but the healing begins the moment you schedule your session. After I receive your payment, I will send you materials to help you prepare for our time together. We will review what is going on in your life. You will receive Reiki & healing energy and a card reading. Depending on your situation, I may also facilitate subconscious mind clearing, aka PSYCH-K. It's important for you to come to the session open, curious and without expectation. 

How many sessions are needed? As with most healing modalities, it's hard to predict how many sessions you will need. Many situations have multiple layers and more than one session may be needed to get to the root cause. I am committed to your transformation and will support you all the way. 

I don't live in New Jersey. Do I need to see you in person? Intuitive Guidance sessions are done over the phone. Energy is not bound to time and space. We can also connect through Facetime or Zoom. 

What happens after the session? I will send you a detailed recap of what we discussed, which typically includes action steps. The work that we do together creates possibilities but your actions create results. 

What is the exchange for a session? A 60 minute session is $188. A package of 3 sessions is $555.


Judie with Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., author of Biology of Belief