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Intuitive Reiki

Reiki is often translated as "life force energy." This is a powerful healing modality that promotes relaxation. When the body is calm and relaxed, healing can take place. 


As an Usui Reiki Master and Kundalini Reiki Master, I am able to send this healing energy to you at any time, at any place. Reiki is not confined by time and space. This means that you will feel and benefit from this energy wherever you are in the world. 

As an Intuitive, I often receive messages from Spirit. Sometimes deceased loved ones say hello. Sometimes a future event shows itself. I never know what may or may not happen in a session. I invite you to be open and curious. No matter what, healing always takes place. 

Long Distance Sessions: we will discuss your intentions via email. I will send you a detailed email with instructions as how to align and receive the energy. It's very simple! I will also share any messages or insights that come through in your session. I will also include a card reading and send you a photo of the card. 

In-Person Sessions: are held in my sacred space in Short Hills, NJ. We will discuss your intentions. You will lay fully clothed on a massage table. With your permission, I will gently lay my hands on different parts of your body such as your head, shoulders and feet. Most people fall into a deep, meditative state. In fact, many fall asleep. Others remain awake and we have a more interactive session. I may also be guided to use spiritual tools such as singing bowls or healing chimes. 


I will share any messages and insights that may come through your session. You will also receive a card reading. 

Are you ready to receive Reiki?


I will send you an email with a recap of of your session, which includes your Soul Work and Action Steps. 

The healing energy that you receive during the session, both long distance and in person, continues for days and weeks to come. It is important to increase the amount of water you consume for the first three days as the water will help the healing process. Over the course of the years of my practice, I've discovered that the more you work with me, the more intensely you may feel this energy.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to be part of your healing and transformation.