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Intuitive HYPNOSIS

As a Reiki Master, I infuse all my work with healing energy. My Transformational Hypnosis sessions are conducted over Zoom. Zoom Hypnosis sessions are very powerful.  You will begin by scheduling your session. I will send you a list of questions to prepare for your session. On the day of your session, we will spend a few minutes reviewing your intention. Then, I will lead you in a journey to create the future that you desire. At the end, we will discuss your next steps and ways that you can manifest your goal. 

Transformational Hypnosis Session (55 min):

Your transformation begins the moment you schedule your session. I will send you a list of questions to prepare. The day of your session I will guide you in a relaxing trance where you will feel calm and relaxed...and however else you want to feel.  This is your time to create your new reality.

For a deeper transformation, you will want to book my 3 session package which includes a Hypnosis session, a Timeline Jump session and an oracle card reading. 

I am a Certified Hypnotist through the International Certification Board of Coaches and Hypnotists. But first, what is Hypnosis? Hypnosis is defined as "a changed state of awareness and increased relaxation" by the Mayo Clinic. Hypnosis, at least the way I facilitate my sessions, are magical. 

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