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 I LOVE channeling readings for my clients. The messages and insights that come through always amaze me. My readings either Audio Recordings or typed. They are always channeled. I also include photos of your cards. I set the intention that you will receive additional messages as you look at the photos. I infuse every reading with Reiki and Healing Energy so it's important to drink water after reading. 



"Life changing! I have said to friends, if you're restless, ready to step into a new chapter or become a better version of yourself, work with Judie! I would say Judie's work provides a spiritual upgrade and gets you where your soul wants to go faster than simply putting one foot in front of the other and living life". 


" Judie is a gifted spiritual advisor that can help transform your life.   She is caring and considerate.   A strong and powerful force.   Gets it right, for me, every time".


"Every time I have a reading with Judie, I always have such great results!"

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